Industrial Coatings

HiSpec Industrial Coatings is a specialised blasting and painting company. Using the finest equipment and technology, HiSpec Industrial Coatings is able to offer you the finest surface preparation for any coating you desire, offering specialised industrial blasting and coating services.

With over twenty years experience in handling large scale industrial projects, HiSpec Industrial Coatings has a wealth of knowledge in blasting and painting all types of materials including structural and fabricated steel structures through to decorative finishes. HiSpec has a specialised team of blasters and painters for any application, from red oxide and zinc coatings right through to three and four coat protective coating systems, HiSpec Industrial Coatings has got you covered. We can also offer you intumescent fire proof coatings should you need such a specification. If you need industrial blasting and coating services, make sure HiSpec Industrial Coatings is your first call.

HiSpec Industrial Coatings provides you with a superior blasting and coating service offering you the peace-of-mind that the job is getting done right, on time and on budget.

HiSpec Industrial Coatings is professionally endorsed and is a certified member of both the Australian Corrosion Association (ACA) and the Surface Coatings Association of Australia (SCAA).

Contact us and speak to our friendly staff to determine how HiSpec Industrial Coatings can make your next project the success you expect it to be