HiSpec Industrial Coatings are specialists in blasting and painting. We are also the experts when it comes to the non-abrasive cleaning of materials.

When materials such as engines, valves and seals, vehicle rims, boat hulls, car bodies and the like require degreasing, paint removal or general corrosion cleaning, soda blasting gives you an efficient, eco friendly low cost option.

HiSpec Industrial Coatings has all the blasting media to do your job right. If you have materials that require non abrasive cleaning that ensures the integrity of the surface, assuring no damage to the material, soda blasting from HiSpec Industrial Coatings is your first stop.

HiSpec Industrial Coatings has soda blasting facilities on site, or alternatively we can come to you with any of our blasting services.

Contact us and speak to our friendly staff to determine how HiSpec Industrial Coatings can make your next project the success you expect it to be.